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How to permit all values from a hash

I'm working in Ruby on Rails and I'm trying to permit all values from a hash using Ruby's permit function. It seems rather simple, but I just cannot get this to work. I've already reviewed the references on permit, and answers to this SO question how to permit an array with strong parameters.

Here's my code

{ :PickupDates => {}}
params = {"OriginCity"=>"Denver", "OriginState"=>"CO", "PickupDates"=>{"0"=>"2016-09-30"}}
filtered_params = params.permit(PERMITTED_PARAMS)

And, the resulting value for filtered_params is

{"OriginCity"=>"Denver", "PickupDates"=>{}}

While the desired value for filtered_params is

{"OriginCity"=>"Denver", "PickupDates"=>{"0":"2016-09-30"}}

Any advice on how to obtain the desired value by changing PERMITTED_PARAMS?

Answer Source

You want to permit all values in a hash, not an array, which is different from the example you linked to.

Try this:

params = {"OriginCity"=>"Denver", "OriginState"=>"CO", "PickupDates"=>{"0"=>"2016-09-30"}}
filtered_params = params.permit(PERMITTED_PARAMS).tap do |whitelisted|
  whitelisted[:PickupDates] = params[:PickupDates]

See also: Strong parameters: allow hashes with unknown keys to be permitted

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