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Dropbox - Migrating oauth1 to oauth2 using token_from_oauth1

I have been using Dropbox via the Sharpbox toolkit for a while. It's based on oAuth1, so I have a database full of oAuth1 access tokens for my users.

I'd like to convert to the new Dropbox API, which is based on oAuth2. I see that there is a "token_from_oauth1" endpoint in Dropbox's v1 spec (reference here), but I'm not figuring out how to successfully connect to this endpoint to upgrade a user's existing token. (I'm using C#/.NET).

Can anybody point me to some sample code that shows how to create a properly authenticated call to perform this operation? I think the problem is in trying to correctly authenticate/sign the request. (All of my existing dropbox calls are done by the Sharpbox library, so I can't see how it does the authentication).


Answer Source

There's a library for Twitter oAuth 1.0 (see that actually makes it easy to make oAuth 1.0 authenticated calls. So the code below seems to work pretty well for me:

oAuthTwitter oat = new oAuthTwitter();
oat.Token = <oauth 1.0 token>;
oat.TokenSecret = <oauth 1.0 secret>;
oat.ConsumerKey = <application key>;
oat.ConsumerSecret = <application secret>;
string resultJSON = oat.oAuthWebRequest(oAuthTwitter.Method.POST, "", null);
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