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How to cancel a particular task by timeout when using ThreadPoolExecutor in Java?

I'm using ThreadPoolExecutor in Java to parallelize items processing. Each item processing is a separate task, that I put it in a queue for the executor to process. Unfortunately, some tasks can take too long and I want to be able to cancel such tasks and continue with the rest. I don't want to wait for shutdown method and its timeout (overall processing takes days).
I want something like looping over currently executed tasks and checking for how long it is running and cancel it if it is above the limit.

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This is how you can implement it using Java Concurrency API:

Executor es = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(4);

FutureTask<Void> f = new FutureTask<>(new Callable<Void>(){
    public Void call() throws Exception {
        // do your stuff here
        return null;

try {
    f.get(1, TimeUnit.HOURS);  // define timeout here
} catch (InterruptedException e1) {
    // interrupted
} catch (ExecutionException e1) {
    // execution exception
} catch (TimeoutException e1) {
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