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Bash Question

Execvp Only runs the first command correctly

I am making a simple shell by using the

. When I run my program and I type in a command like
ls -l
it works just how I like it. When that gets done my program is sitting there waiting for another command, but when I put in another valid command or even putting in the same command.
is saying
ls: cannot access 'ls': no such file or directory
. I don't know why this is happening. I get the same results in running the program again.
Here is my code. I can't copy it through my virtual machine so I took a picture of it.(If someone would like to edit the formating on this that would be awesome. I tried looking at the help)


Answer Source

The problem in your code is that you don't reset the argument counter to 0 between command launches.

int tokenIndex=0;
do {

should be

int tokenIndex;
do {

The first time it works, but the second time you pass ls as argument of ls hence the message

(try typing ls ls in a shell you'll get the exact same message).

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