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reading all files from HDFS recursively in spark java api

I 'm using spark to read data of all files from HDFS in a single RDD from a directory and it's sub directories as well. I could not find any efficient method to do that. So I tried to write some customized code as shown below:

public Object fetch(String source,String sink) {

//reading data
boolean isDir=new File(source).isDirectory();
JavaRDD<String> lines;

lines=readFiles(new File(source).listFiles(), null);
lines= sc.textFile(source);

return true;

public static JavaRDD<String> readFiles(File[] files,JavaRDD<String> lines) {
for (File file : files) {
if (file.isDirectory()) {
readFiles(file.listFiles(),lines); // Calls same method again.
else {
JavaRDD<String> r=sc.textFile(file.getPath());
return lines;

but this is not doing my expected job as isDir contains false telling that it's not a directory.
Please can u guide me about what's wrong? and is there some efficient way to do this job?
Thanks alot

Answer Source

As spark can read data based on a Hadoop Job configuration, you can use the FileInputFormat#setInputDirRecursive method.

JavaSparkContext context = new JavaSparkContext();

Job job;

try {
  job = Job.getInstance();
  FileInputFormat.setInputPaths(job, new Path("/path/to/input/directory));
  FileInputFormat.setInputDirRecursive(job, true);
} catch (IOException e1) {

JavaRDD<Text> sourceData = context.newAPIHadoopRDD(job.getConfiguration(), TextInputFormat.class, LongWritable.class, Text.class)

Obviously you will end up with a Text data type instead of a String.

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