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JSON Question

How to send json response in redirect url for jquery file upload

I am using blueimp file upload and on server side i am using cgi script.I am able to upload the file and getting valid json data.Now what i want is to sent this json data to the redirect url so i can do further procession on the redirect page.

My js code in jsp page is as follows:-

$(function () {
'use strict';
var urlTemp = '<%=actionStr%>';
var successurl = '<%=successURL%>';
url: urlTemp,
sequentialUploads: true,
redirect: successurl,
type: 'POST'
function (e, data) {
data.formdata = data.result;
alert(data.formdata); //getting undefined
window.location.href = successurl;


in fileuploadstop event i am getting data.result as 'undefined'.

Answer Source

Try doing it like this:

$('#fileupload').bind('fileuploaddone', function (e, data) {
  var results = data.result;
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