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android studio connection reset error

I've downloaded a sample project (TimePicker-master) weeks ago from GitHub and since then when ever I try to sync that project i get this error.
Gradle 'TimePicker-master'project refresh failed
Error: Connection reset

enter image description here

i have tried different proxies but it did not work. because i don't know what the problem even is? and i didn't found the reason searching online
now i get the same problem when i try to download intelliJ plugins while I'm using proxies.
what is the problem and how do i solve it ?(be friendly and helpful to beginners)

Answer Source

Open timepicker-library's gradle file and remove below code from it and try to sync project again.

apply plugin: 'bintray-release'

dependencies {
    classpath 'com.novoda:bintray-release:0.3.4'

publish {
    userOrg = 'erz05'
    groupId = 'com.github.erz05'
    artifactId = 'TimePicker'
    version = '0.1.5'
    description = 'Android Library for TimePicker View'
    website = 'https://github.com/erz05/TimePicker'

Hope this will help you.

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