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iOS Question

Find Facebook SDK Version on iOS

I know I'm using the latest version (v3.2.1)
But I want find it in header or programmatically

Maybe it's a silly question, but in iOS I can't find version number in FacebookSDK.framework headers

Answer Source

After about 2014, simply do this:

NSLog( @"### running FB sdk version: %@", [FBSDKSettings sdkVersion] );

For very old versions. Before about 3.6:

I found an undocumented way to print the SDK version (FB_IOS_SDK_VERSION_STRING), try this

NSLog(@"### FB SDK VERSION : %@",
    [[FBRequestConnection class] performSelector:@selector(userAgent)]);

Worked for me with sdk 3.5.1

Hope that helps...

Update: As of FB SDK 3.6, "The SDK version number is defined in FacebookSDK.h and available from [FBSDKSettings sdkVersion]"

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