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C# memory managment value type inside list

Imagine i've got a method which returns List of value types:

static List<SomeValueType> AllocateList()
List<SomeValueType> lst = new List<SomeValueType>();
for (int i = 0; i < 1000000; i++)
lst.Add(new SomeValueType("....", "..."));
return lst;

I've some misunderstanding. Once we call this method, it will return ref to list of value types, and methods stack frame will be destroyed. But what about
items. Will it be copied to caller method's stack frame, or boxed, or smth else?

If list items are copied to the heap, what will be the difference between boxing and copying value type to list storage?

Answer Source

A List<T> is a reference type. Since it is the encapsulating object, SomeValueType will be allocated on the heap, not the stack. More precisely, after the allocation of SomeValueType on the stack, it will be lifted to the underlying storage of the List<T>, which is on the heap. Thus, there will be no need for stack frame copying or the likes, and there will also be no need for boxing.

Value Types are stack allocated as an implementation detail, they can be allocated on the heap without any need for boxing, same way an int[] is allocated on the heap.

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