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Python Question

How to extend/concatenate two iterators in Python

I want concatenate two iterators in an efficient way.

Suppose we have two iterators (in Python3)

l1 = range(10) # iterator over 0, 1, ..., 9
l2 = range(10, 20) # iterator over 10, 11, ..., 19

If we convert them to lists, it is easy to concatenate like

y = list(l1) + list(l2) # 0, 1, ,..., 19

However, this can be not efficient.

I would like to do something like

y_iter = l1 + l2 # this does not work

What is the good way to do this in Python3?

Answer Source

Use itertools.chain:

from itertools import chain
y_iter = chain(l1, l2)

It yields all the items from l1 and them all the items from l2. Effectively concatenating the sequence of yielded items. In the process it consumes both.

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