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How to replace all existence of chars from string in jquery?

I want to replace all existence of chars from a string, but it is not working. here is my code:

$.each(jsonArray, function (fromString, jtm) {
// tempString = tempString.replace(jtm.from, jtm.to)
tempString = tempString.replaceAll(jtm.from, jtm.to);

I checked to use global to replace all as Told in this article but i am not getting how i can implement in my code.

Please help me.

Answer Source

In javascript there is no method like replaceAll(), to remove all occurrence you need to use regex with global flag.

tempString = tempString.replace(new RegExp(jtm.from,'g'), jtm.to);

In case string contains characters which have special meaning in regex then escape them first.

tempString = tempString.replace(new RegExp(jtm.from.replace(/[|\\{}()[\]^$+*?.]/g, '\\$&'),'g'), jtm.to)

Refer : Converting user input string to regular expression

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