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How can I tell what versions of MinGW32 and MinGW64 (via Git Bash) I have installed?

When I originally installed Git for Windows, I (somehow) ended up with two copies of Git Bash - one running MinGW32, one running MinGW64.

Given there's no command like

mingw --version
I could run, how can I determine what versions of these packages I currently have installed? I've been having some trouble with MinGW64 and wanted to see if there was a newer version available than what I have currently.

(For what it's worth, the latest version of MinGW64 for Windows appears to be 3.3.0 (source) although I'm not entirely certain whether I should be looking at the Win-Builds downloads or not - anyway, that's probably a separate question.)

To get the version, I've tried:

  • Checking the icon context menu in each console window. MinGW64's options has an About window that says 'mintty 2.0.3'. mintty seems to be a terminal emulator for Cygwin (I also have Cygwin installed). MinGW32's properties doesn't seem to have a visible version number.

  • Looking for a
    executable in either of the terminal's
    's that I could run with the
    flag; neither of them have it (and I'm not sure either how tightly gcc is integrated with the terminal).

  • Running
    sh --version
    . On MinGW64 I get version 4.3.42 of GNU bash, and on MinGW32 I get version 3.1.23 of GNU bash. However, I don't think this is the version number of the respective MinGW projects.

What am I missing?

Answer Source

uname -a

This is a common linux command to show the version info of OS.

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