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AngularJS $timeout within for loop

I'm trying to build a task processing type of SPA. The idea is There are 10 steps, The user clicks submit, then a service will be called to begin a process, and the UI will wait. Once it gets a response a style will be applied for success for failure. Anyhow, right now I'm trying to mock this behavior up and I can't seem to get my Angular correct, specifically with $timeout. Below is my code, and please excuse the simplified example I'm trying to understand Angular by working through it.

;function(angular) {
'use strict'

angular.module("workApp", [] )
.controller ("TaskController", function ($routeParams, workService, $timeout, $scope) {
var tc = this;

// These will be used in the view to flip the CSS to the appropriate color for success or failure
tc.step_0_status = "ready";
tc.step_1_status = "ready";
tc.step_2_status = "ready";

// trying this out, by storing my functions in a array, b/c I will have other uses in the end for this array.
var func_array = [

// This is where I am misunderstanding $timeout I guess. I simply want the loop to sleep for 3 seconds, before the next function is called.
$scope.startTasks = function results() {
for(var x = 0; x < func_array.length; x++) {


var step_0 = function() {
tc.step_0_status = "running"

var step_1 = function() {
tc.step_0_status = "completed";
tc.step_1_status = "running";

var step_2 = function() {
tc.step_1_status = "completed";
tc.step_2_status = "failed";


Answer Source

You can use a $interval to create the sleep method you want:

    // do wahetever you need here
},3000, func_array.length);

just make sure to destroy it properly after you have used it

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