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What's a very easy C++ profiler (VC++)?

I've used a few profilers in the past and never found them particularly easy. Maybe I picked bad ones, maybe I didn't really know what I was expecting!
But I'd like to know if there are any 'standard' profilers which simply drop in and work? I don't believe I need massively fine-detailed reports, just to pick up major black-spots. Ease of use is more important to me at this point.

It's VC++ 2008 we're using (I run standard edition personally). I don't suppose there are any tools in the IDE for this, I can't see any from looking at the main menus?

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VS built in:

If you have team edition you can use the Visual Studio profiler.

Other options:

Otherwise check this thread.

Creating your own easily:

I personally use an internally built one based on the Win32 API QueryPerformanceCounter. You can make something nice and easy to use within a hundred lines of code or less.

The process is simple: create a macro at the top of each function that you want to profile called PROFILE_FUNC() and that will add to internally managed stats. Then have another macro called PROFILE_DUMP() which will dump the outputs to a text document.

PROFILE_FUNC() creates an object that will use RAII to log the amount of time until the object is destroyed. Both the constructor of this RAII object and the destructor will call QueryPerformanceCounter. You could also leave these lines in your code and control the behavior via a #define PROFILING_ON

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