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Detailled debug with Volley

In Restkit on iOS there is a verbose debug option.

RKLogConfigureByName("*", RKLogLevelTrace);
. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent for Volley. Basically I am going straight to the ErrorListener but I get no additional info in LogCat. Both:

VolleyLog.e("Error: ", error.toString());


VolleyLog.e("Error: ", error.getMessage());


2.onErrorResponse: Error:

Answer Source

If you want verbose Log from the volley library you have to use adb

adb -s 42f63b0de7318fe1 shell setprop log.tag.Volley VERBOSE

where "42f63b0de7318fe1" is your device id which you will get by

adb devices

If you want to persist this setting use

adb -s 42f63b0de7318fe1 shell setprop persist.log.tag.Volley VERBOSE

If you have only 1 device you can ommit the -s argument

see also How to set ADT system property in eclipse so it always runs

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