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Android Question

Android FileProvider for ext sdcard

I'm using FileProvider for my internal files to be exposed to the Gallery for example. To make it more uniform, I also put my my external files into the provider (via external-path) but for the files in removable sd card it doesn't work. Saying something like that folder is not authorized.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer Source

starting from android 4.4, normal applications are not allowed to access secondary external storage devices, i.e. sd card, except in their package-specific directories, even if you have requested WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

The WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission must only grant write access to the primary external storage on a device. Apps must not be allowed to write to secondary external storage devices, except in their package-specific directories as allowed by synthesized permissions. Restricting writes in this way ensures the system can clean up files when applications are uninstalled.


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