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Apache Configuration Question

URL Rewriting from .htaccess with Symfony Routing

I have some trouble RewritingUrl with Symfony (2.8)
My objective is to redirect some URL without having them changing in the browser bar.

I need this so the URL may have a custom, human-readable form, and being shareable.

The URL is also used in a Form thus why the data are sent in the


Homewever, Symfony internal routing seems to not quite work with it ( or maybe have I overlooked some stuff but I've seeking up and down all day for this without finding the right answer )

Without the framework, in a .htaccess
If a user went to


I would redirect them to


Without changing the browser URL so searchEngine nevers shows up , with a simple RewriteRule

RewriteRule ^search/(.*)/(.*)$ /searchEngine?search_action[city]=$1&search_action[radius]=$2 [L]

But once I try to use this same rule with Symfony ( in the .htaccess in the /web forlder, right ?),

www.website.com/search/London/15 land on a Symfony 404 Error Page

My guess is that Symfony tries to look for an internal /Search route, which does not exist as the URL is intended to silently redirect to SearchEngin through the .htaccess

SearchEngine route does exist and
works very fine

So far, .htaccess and Symfony works together if I add the R flag to the RewriteRule

RewriteRule ^search/(.*)/(.*)$ /searchEngine?search_action[city]=$1&search_action[radius]=$2 [R,L]

But that's because the URL changes in the browser as it is redirected to SearchEngine.

Is there a way so that Symfony knows that
leads to
, and works without the Url changing ?

Anyone have an idea as to what I should tweak for that ?


Quite really basic , a single Route just for that URL readable feature and Search, nothing too fancy.


path: /SearchEngine
defaults: { _controller: "MySearchBundle:Search:search" }


public function searchAction(Request $request)
expect search_action[city]=London and search_action[radius]=15
$form = $this->createForm('MySearchBundle\Form\Type\SearchType',null);
if($form->isSubmitted() && $form->isValid())
//Get here without problem when from SearchEngine?search_action[city]=London&search_action[radius]=15
This is where Zhuli do the thing

return $this->render('SomeDefaultPage.html.twig');


//Basic Symfony Routing stuff
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
RewriteRule .? - [L]
#Doesn't work without that R tag
RewriteRule search/(.*)/(.*)$ /SearchEngine?search_action[city]=$1&search_action[radius]=$2 [R=301,L]
# Rewrite all other queries to the front controller.
RewriteRule .? %{ENV:BASE}/app.php [L]

Answer Source

So I found something which is quite longer than just a rule in .htaccess, but I could not find another workaround.

I created a new Route which will forward the /search/London/15 query toward the SearchEngine

path:     /search/{city}/{radius}
defaults: { _controller: "MySearchBundle:Search:searchForward" }


In the Controller Action I retrieve the URL Attribute (city and radius ) that I pass to the Request:ParameterBag; which I then forward to the SearchEngineAction

  public function searchForwardAction(Request $request,$city,$radius)
        //Putting the attribute in an array
           Which I pass to the request as a parameter
           The forward will treat this like a Get Query
        //Forwarding !
        return $this->forward('MySearchBundle:Search:search',  array('request' => $request));

Since I use forward() the URL on the browser stays like /Search/Kyoto/25 but return the result of /SearchEngine?search_action[city]=Kyoto&search_action[radius]=25

It works quite fine but the amount of code and work for just this URL rewriting becomes quite heavy if one compares it to normally a single rule in an .htaccess ( which still does not work properly)

And I will have to modify where the Search Form direct to

I doubt it to be THE best solution since it is quite ..complicated for a such simple task.

Anyone got better ?

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