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Different branding for same codebase

Im in a project where we will create different sites using the same codebase.
I would like to have a brand style and config for each site which I specify somehow in my build process.

Anyone have an idea of the best way to achieve this ?

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I would treat the different sites in much the same way I'd treat different environment (dev, test, prod). If there aren't a lot of changes, just use environment variables on each server where the site will run that define which site it is. Your code can then conditionally do things (e.g. add a class site-x to the body for styling).

You can use something like dotenv to make setting environment vars easier (remember Windows does it differently to *NIX) if you're setting environments in a script. That way you're changing a file rather then actual environment variables when you want to test what a particular site looks like.

If there are many different config items that are different between sites then you can have multiple config files (config-site-one.js, config-site-two.js) and a central config.js file that returns the correct config based on some environment variable like MY_SITE_NAME.

However if you actually want to package up the site to 'send' somewhere (?) then you could run your build command with a flag like webpack blahblahblah --site=site-one.

You can use yargs to get that 'site' variable and use it in your build process however you like.

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