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How can I capture mouseevents and keyevents using python in background on linux

I'd like to make a python script that can run in the background but print text when a mouseevent or keyevent happens. Are there any libraries/builtin functionality to achieve this? Or any system commands I can call to get this info? Being root is no issue.

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I guess, you might use python bindings for evdev: In tutorial they give an example for keyboard, but it should be similar for mouse events:

>>> from evdev import InputDevice, categorize, ecodes
>>> from select import select
>>> dev = InputDevice('/dev/input/event1')

>>> print(dev)
device /dev/input/event1, name "Dell Dell USB Keyboard", phys "usb-0000:00:12.1-2/input0"

>>> while True:
...    r,w,x = select([dev], [], [])
...    for event in
...        if event.type == ecodes.EV_KEY:
...            print(categorize(event))
... # hitting a and holding space
key event at 1337016188.396030, 30 (KEY_A), down
key event at 1337016188.492033, 30 (KEY_A), up
key event at 1337016189.772129, 57 (KEY_SPACE), down
key event at 1337016190.275396, 57 (KEY_SPACE), hold
key event at 1337016190.284160, 57 (KEY_SPACE), up
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