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How to get the last characters in a String in Java, regardless of String size

I'm looking for a way to pull the last characters from a String, regardless of size. Lets take these strings into example:

"abcd: efg: 1006746"
"bhddy: nshhf36: 1006754"
"hfquv: nd: 5894254"

As you can see, completely random strings, but they have 7 numbers at the end. How would I be able to take those 7 numbers?


I just realized that
String[] string = s.split(": ");
would work great here, as long as I call string[2] for the numbers and string[1] for anything in the middle.

Answer Source

Lots of things you could do.

s.substring(s.lastIndexOf(':') + 1);

will get everything after the last colon.

s.substring(s.lastIndexOf(' ') + 1);

everything after the last space.

String numbers[] = s.split("[^0-9]+");

splits off all sequences of digits; the last element of the numbers array is probably what you want.

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