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google maps doesnt show after upload to google play

I uploaded my app to the google play store, and the map didn't work, just showed white screen. I understand that I have to get a key based on the release certificate fingerprint. I have tried to read all about it, and have done the following, but it still isn't working:

I created a new keystore (with password, and alias and password etc) from Android Studio.

I run the cmd and did this:

keytool -list -v -keystore key.jls -alias MyPlaces

then put in my password, and got all the information that I need. I generated a key for google maps and places api, based on the sha1 fingerprint result that I got. I put in my package name. I put the Alias code back into my app for the key.

But it still doesn't work. I know others have had this problem, but what helped for them hasn't helped me.

Why? I hope its clear what i wrote. Thanks

I am not uploading it each time i check to the play store. Rather i create the signed apk, then try to run it from my phone. DOes this matter?


This is the message I get in the logs.

06-22 23:10:07.529 6500-6543/? E/b: Authentication failed on the server.

06-22 23:10:07.530 6500-6543/? E/Google Maps Android API: Authorization failure. Please see for how to correctly set up the map.

06-22 23:10:07.536 6500-6543/? E/Google Maps Android API: In the Google Developer Console (

Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled.

Ensure that the following Android Key exists:


Android Application (;): 38:.......F0;com.....myplaces (I have deleted this for security)

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This is the answer.

In my log it showed:


Google automatically makes a resource file, googles_maps_api.xml and in there the string reference:

<string name="google_maps_key" templateMergeStrategy="preserve" translatable="false">AIza....DOWdQ</string>

When compiled, it wan't identifying this string. I made a string resource in the strings.xml file, and then it worked.