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How can I deterministically dispose of a managed C++/CLI object from C#?

I have a managed object in a C++/CLI assembly. Being C++/CLI, it implements the Disposable pattern through its "destructor" (yes, I'm aware it's not the same as a standard C++ destructor). From C++/CLI, I would simply

the object. However, I am using this object as a member variable in a C# class.

From my C# class, then, I would like to call the equivalent of the Dispose() method on the C++/CLI object when I am finished using it. Since it is (and must be) a member variable of the class, utilizing a using() block is out of the question. As far as I can tell, there is no exposed method for direct, deterministic disposal of resources from a language other than C++/CLI. How can I accomplish this?

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The C++/CLI destructor-like syntax automatically implements IDisposable, but it does so in a manner similar to C#'s explicit interface implementation. This means you'll have to cast to IDisposable to access the Dispose method:

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