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GITLAB (Freely Gitlab hosted) Contributor vs User

On Gitlab (Freely hosted by GitLab) Gitlab Products

What is the difference between a collaborators and a user (as for Community edition?)

I simply want to create private repositories to work with 3-4 other peoples.

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From the glossary


Anyone interacting with the software.


Person with read and write access to a repository who has been invited by repository owner.

Refer the permissions page, to find out how to add permissions for a user.

Also refer the add user to project, to add a user to a project and make them a collaborator will provide unlimited public & private repositories & unlimited users/collaborators for free with some restrictions on space, build time.

In the future we might also charge for the following things:

  • Build artifact storage above a certain size (currently unlimited even with a free account)
  • Container images storage above a certain size (currently unlimited even with a free account)
  • GitLab Pages with very high traffic (currently unlimited even with a free acount)
  • Restrict the build minutes in the bronze plan (move unlimited minutes to the silver account)
  • Windows & MacOS Runners for GitLab CI (not available now but you can always bring your own Runner)
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