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MySQL Question

How to order by items based on data from two mysql tables?

I have two tables: users (username,points,....) and items(id,author-username,....)
Now I have only this:

(CASE WHEN title LIKE '%" . $keyword . "%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)
- I check an element for multiple keywords
But I want to sort the items based on how related is to
and the same time how much points the author of the item has.

For example if an item is related to 2 keywords and the author of it has 5 points the item will be rated with 7 points

How it`s possible to do this ? Any ideas ?

Answer Source

You can aggregate a custom sort field from a number of data fields or computations, e.g.:

  CONCAT(a.company, FORMAT(b.score * b.handicap, 0)) AS sortfield
FROM a,b
SORT BY sortfield
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