Convert historical german local time record to UTC in JavaScript

I need to convert German local time records, without zone info, i.e., var data = [ "2017-12-02 20:27:02", "2017-12-02 20:50:00" ] to UTC record...
1 year ago

How does the '\b' character in perl work?

According to my research the '\b' character used in perl print statements should act like a "backspace", that is, moving the cursor one character back...
1 year ago

How to detect emoji as unicode in Perl?

i have text file that contain emoji unicode caracter for exemple
1 year ago

SVM - How can I vectorize a kernalized gram matrix?

I implemented a support vector machine in python using the cvxopt qp solver where I need to compute a gram matrix of two vectors with a kernel functio...
1 year ago


Learn how to use Codeigniter curl operations to parse data in JSON format.
11 months ago